Regina Hirsch

Regina Hirsch is dedicated to bringing appropriate best management solutions to the public by working on the ground in their homes and in public as well as commercial demonstration areas.   After getting the watershed monitoring bug at the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Board and the Morro Bay National Estuary Program, she moved to the Sierra Nevada for a different approach to reaching people and assessing effectiveness of non-point source pollution treatments.  With her husband Robb, she opened Mountain Sage in 2003, creating a community center based plant nursery and event center in her 20 acre 1867 historic family homestead.  There Regina assists Telele Foundation focus on natural resource management and integrated live arts and educational programs all within a nursery café that roots the community together.

Regina also founded Sierra Watershed Progressive, the consulting/contracting firm which focuses on onsite water best management practices aimed at rehydrating watersheds.  Since 2009, Sierra Watershed Progressive has helped design and install projects restoring habitat and aiming to increase watershed hydrologic recharge functionality through water conservation and reuse.  In addition, Regina is an executive board member of various organizations, such as The Telele Foundation and the California Water Reuse Policy Council.

Knowing what people do in their homes and backyards is what can make a difference, Regina Hirsch’s goal is to spread the word on good and appropriate decision making when it comes to water, energy, plants, soils and most of all, community.  

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In Their Own Words

Why My Work at SWP Matters:

If you’ve met me, you know it’s really the people I work with that moves me, and drives me forward. Our team is a network of field craftspersons and minds that will undoubtedly shape how we work within California’s resource management in the years to come. Additionally, every client and partner inspires me with their contribution and commitment to increase solutions for our watersheds by taking steps schools, homes, businesses and promoting feedback to policy makers. SWP is the platform for us to work our collaborative science in the field and with partners and see a difference in a positive collaboration, and not just planning or talking about it. SWP allows field testing and feedback with change in real time, with real projects, with real people. Here we have the ability to move on and assess solutions now. Getting your hands dirty with construction resource science, this is the most rewarding work around.


Why I Love Water:

First, it’s sticky. It is the very nature of the strong hydrogen bonds that really float my boat, connecting biology to time bending geologic processes and thus folding into our surrounding ecology. The universal solvent, whether swimming, paddling, fishing or sailing, it’s always where I want to be.

What I Obsess On:

Geology, poetry, soils, plants and water combined with good music and friends by the river. What else is there?