Raven Aquilar

Ravens interest in the outdoors started when she was a young 4 year old running around the creeks and river beds of San Louis Obispo County, California. She leaps at any chance she gets to work outdoors. Raven has a deep understanding and appreciation for the connective fibers that are woven through us all. She loves our Mother Earth and has a vision of spreading awareness about the value of our water resources; our life fluid on Earth. Having stumbled upon the small town of Groveland in 2014 she was determined to find a job working outside with the ecosystem. It did not take long for her to find Sierra Watershed Progressive and dive into water conservation and reuse work. She is focused on learning efficient, effective, and empowering ways of living that will help re-balance the watershed while sustaining a healthy ecosystem.

On Staff since: January 2016    Email: Raven@h2oprogressive.com


In Their Own Words

My Favorite Quote:

“The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation, the air our breath and the earth our body.”- Deepak Chopra

Why my work matters:

The earth has no tongue. People need to know where our precious natural resources come from. We also need to understand how to make appropriate decisions when using those resources. Water is all that is magic in this world and without it there would be no us. By spreading the information on how to wisely re-use and re-cycle water through grey water systems, rain tanks and storm water earth works perhaps we can leave this earth a little better than when we arrived. After all, we don’t own the earth, we simply borrow it from our children… “Many have lived without love, but none without water.” -W.H. Auden

Why I think water is cool:

Where would we be without water? Water regulates the earth’s temperature. It also regulates the temperature of the human body, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, cushions joints, protects organs and tissues, and removes waste! We grow our food with water! Water connects us, 75% of the human brain is water and 75% of a living tree is water. We get the privilege of enjoying all of waters wonders in our daily lives. Plus water is fun! I love playing in water, wakeboarding, swimming, dancing in the rain, jumping in the waves or simply sitting, listening, and observing waters’ beauty; the way it flows, all the creatures that live in it, the veins of our mother earth is magic simply magic.