Montecito, CA

This project will improve instream flow to a critical southern steelhead habitat on Ysidro Creek while creating a timely conservation model in the Santa Barbara County through capturing stormwater to be used for orchard and landscape irrigation, as well as 90% of all non-potable facility water needs. Additionally, to increase potential for supplementing summer base flows to the San Ysidro Watershed and increase groundwater recharge, the storage tank overflows will be infiltrated into fragile oak woodland upland habitat restoration Low Impact Development (LID) based bioswales and vegetated infiltration basins.  Overall, this project will create a lasting leading model at La Casa de Maria, as well as influencing resource science professionals on how to create resilient water supplies and best enhance Central Coast record low stream flows during uncertain climates and watershed management of the future.

SWP has taken the lead on project development, comparative analysis, and water management plan goal generation.  After being awarded over $900,000 from Wildlife Conservation Board Prop 1 funding 2017,  SWP will also take the lead oncoordinating final planning, implementation and public outreach and focused trainings.



La Casa De Maria
800 El Bosque Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93108