Jami Wolf

Jami Wolf is originally from Minnesota where she was first introduced to the natural world. She observed how plants could adapt and thrive in cold harsh environments. She studied environmental studies at Eckerd College and began research on plant traits and as an ecological function. She focused on how plants communities can restore degraded habitat and maintain the health ecosystems at the Tampa Bay Aquatic Preserve. She first moved to California in 2009 and briefly focused on desert botany at Joshua Tree National Park. Frustrated with the limitations of federal bureaucracy, she moved to San Francisco and began focusing on environmentally sustainable business and ways to strengthen green economy. She is focused on learning the most efficient strategies to meet human demands for clean water, waste disposal, landscape, natural biodiversity and overall ecosystem health. She is passionate about educating those willing to learn, so everyone may go out and apply these strategies. Jami works in the field, designs systems and writes grants. In general helping to get these practices in the ground, where we can continue to research these techniques and improve our ecosystems.

On Staff Since: January 2015

Email: jami@h2oprogressive.com

In Their Own Words

Why My Work Matters:

Every day we hear about failing infrastructure and damaging impacts of our environment from practices and infrastructure built 100 years ago. There is an enormous body of scientific data showing our devastating impact on the environment as well as new technologies that can create low impact, ecologically base, and cost effective solutions. We are at a critical time in California, the United States and the world. Applying grey water reuse, rainwater storage, LID techniques, mulch and whole system ecological approaches to water distribution, water treatment, landscape and agriculture we can create resilient infrastructure and improve the health of the environment in create a resilient society.

What I Obsess About:

Natural medicine and nutrition from healthy soil. A few years ago I was very inspired by a documentary on The Gerson Therapy. This is a belief in the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Sadly, over time as we have depleted our soil of these nutrients and polluted it with pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals which have in turn damaged our bodies. The health of our soil is indicative to our health. I believe by healing our soils and ourselves we can improve the health of our natural environment and planet.