Charles Upton

Charles was raised by expat British parents deep in the Redwoods of Northern California. His early intoxication by the rhythms of the natural world set him on a lifelong journey to explore, appreciate and engage with wild places around the world. His fascination (obsession?) with water began while living in the deserts of the Middle East with local Bedouin people.  After learning about traditional water management techniques of the region he was soon careening down the slippery slope towards being a full fledged water nerd, soaking up all the knowledge he could possibly absorb. Never being fully saturated,  his specific area of interest is low technology, high efficiency, climatic and culturally appropriate water systems. When not working with water, Charles enjoys riding his bike, climbing mountains and playing with his dogs.

On Staff Since: 2016

In Their Own Words

My Favorite Quote:

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.”

Why I Think Water Is So Cool:

I think water is cool because it is the most valuable resource on our planet yet its importance is often overlooked until the tap runs dry. Successful management of water is something intrinsically human as it allowed us to develop of agriculture, cities and civilization. Water is common to all people, regardless of affluence, nationality or any other criteria we use to divide people and as such, its management is the crux of many of our most pressing environmental, social and political problems. Water is cool because its just so dang important yet so many people never give it a second thought.

The Secret To Life Is:


What Gives Me Hope:

I find hope in the younger generation and anyone who is actively thinking about their impact on the world and people around them. I find hope in the free exchange of ideas that the internet allows and all the people around the world that are sharing knowledge and ideas on how we can all live together on this one planet.

How I Regenerate:

I regenerate through solo trips in the wilderness, pushing the limits of my mind and body.