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Andrew Collum grew up in the Sierra Nevada’s and spent most of his weekends working on his family’s vineyard. After High school he attended Columbia Junior College and graduated in the spring of 2008 with a degree in Culinary Arts. After several years as a chef jumping between resorts, hotels, and casinos he felt that he could do more with his life. His path began with simple nature hikes in Northern California, he became far more interested and involved in the interworking’s of the environment and decided to go back to school to help protect and restore the environment. He re-enrolled in 2012 at Columbia College eventually transferring to UC Davis where he would graduate in 2016 with his B.S. in Ecological Management and Restoration. During those years he also spent time working with the US Forest Service as an Wildlife Biotech and volunteering for environmental groups in the Sierras. He now resides in Sonora with his loving wife Crystal, working his first job out of college at Sierra Watershed Progressive.

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My Work At SWP:

Sierra Watershed progressive gives me a chance to utilize my knowledge and ecological passion to take better care of the Sierras by recharging the watersheds and increasing the ecological health overall. It gives me a chance to truly get my hands in the dirt and make a difference.

Why My Work Matters:

Water is largely removed without thought, we need it so we take it. If I can have a hand in making sure more water sticks around longer, or putting in water that would be otherwise wasted is a step in the right direction. I’m fortunate to be in a place where I am actually doing something, it is a feeling that more individuals could use

Why I Think Water Is So Cool:

Water is a vital source of nearly all ecological processes. Humanity typically takes advantage of what is at times perceived as an infinite resource, on a local (planetary) scale consumable water is dwindling. Water is even more interesting if you consider it scarcity on a larger scale and consider how incredibly little water we have observed thus far in the cosmos, It could be argued that water is only marginally more common than life.

The Secret to Life Is:

Only worry about what you can control, so don’t sweat the small stuff, nearly everything is fixable.

How I Regenerate:

Rain is one of greatest sources of renewal. In High School I was always the guy in flip flops and shorts while it was pouring (I still do) while everyone else found shelter. A walk in the woods or the snow is always refreshing, and I always find it helps whenever I may have doubts about myself.

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