Aimee Teaby

Aimee, the renaissance soul, has led many lives during her short time on earth but her environmental passion began young in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas where she now calls home once again. Scuba diving all over the world, her love for water began with the salty variety as she explored the incredible nature of cetaceans in Cape Cod before getting her hands wet in Florida playing with sharks. Sunny California eventually brought her back where her love for water transitioned to the land, but not before culturally immersing herself down under. As a mixologist, personal trainer, naturalist, wellness advocate and environmental specialist, Aimee strives to help people enjoy the good things in life. Aimee has a BS in Biology and a MS in Coastal and Marine Watershed Science and Policy.

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My work at SWP:

I am now able to use my education and experience to help SWP design cohesive and watershed friendly projects. Using geospatial and architecture software to spatially calculate and represent the necessary features of rainwater, greywater and stormwater components.

Why my work matters:

I get to constantly engage with people who LOVE what they do, the earth and the people around them. My work is incredibly rewarding because Iā€™m continually learning and growing. Helping people reconnect to the land and the hydrologic cycle gives me hope.

Favorite quote:

Be yourself, because no one else can.