Watershed Progressive 

What does "progressive" mean to us?




  1. happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step.

  2. engaging in or constituting forward motion.

  3. favoring or promoting change or innovation.

Origin: early 17th century: from French progressif-ive or medieval Latin progressivus, from progress- ‘gone forward,’ from the verb progredi


+13 million gallons of onsite water reused/stored annually

+530 acres of habitat restored

We are a consulting and installation-build collaborative, focused on bringing appropriate water management to projects through a regenerative, holistic design approach.

Focus resides on project management from initial site analysis to community outreach, project implementation, maintenance and environmental monitoring.  

We specialize in developing sustainable onsite water remediation throughout California’s varied habitat types. 

Our goal is to bring the benefits of appropriate onsite water management to the land user, while focusing on water conservation, stormwater management, watershed health and community water security. 

Holistic Landscape Services: 

  • Constructed Wetland Habitats

  • Regenerative Native and Non-exotic Non-invasive plant schemes

  • Drycropping for Native and Food Forests

  • Native Greenhouse Management

  • Commercial and Residential bioremediated water features

  • Permeable Hardscapes

  • LED Outdoor Lighting

  • Irrigation Audits

  • Irrigated Reclaimed and Recycled Water Systems

  • Guilded Food Forest Systems

  • Natural System Design

  • Permaculture System Design

  • Site Design & Permitting

Environmental Services:

  • Site Evaluations

  • Onsite Water Budget Analysis

  • Preferred Alternative Analysis

  • Water Management Planning

  • Remedial Design

  • Wastewater Phytoremediation

  • Above and Underground Storage Tank evaluation and closure

  • Permit Coordination and Compliance

  • Greywater LID Disposal Systems

  • Rainwater Reuse Systems

  • Stormwater LID Mitigation

  • Stormwater Project Planning (SWPP) Monitoring

  • Instream Flow Contribution Services

  • Habitat Typing

  • Groundwater Recharge

  • Passive Phytoremediation Cooling Site Design

  • Habitat Regeneration and Bank Stabilization



Central Sierra Office
18653 Main Street
Groveland, CA 95321
(209) 732-0018

Education and Outreach:

  • Control System Trainings

  • QAPP Manuals

  • Onsite Maintenance and Monitoring Guidance Documents

  • Local Government Guidance Documents

  • Native Greenhouse Management Trainings

  • Onsite Water Reuse Workshops

  • Regional Holistic Design Seminars